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He dropped his bags in the bedroom and rambled through the house, large and empty, but all his and home. No not really home, it was never home unless his girls were there. In between, it was just a house. What was it Mum had always said, ‘Home isn’t where yeh hang yeh hat, Shaunie, it’s where yeh lay yeh heart.’ Dear Mum, always so right. He didn’t stand a chance to lay his heart here without his daughters mucking about, having their little rows over who got the bathroom first to get ready on Saturday night or what to watch on the telly.

That was the one thing he hated most about going on location, he missed time with his girls, but that time seemed shorter and shorter as they grew up and away from him. Moving out into the big wide world almost in the blink of an eye; it seemed only yesterday he held Lorna in his arms for the very first time, his eyes filled with tears as he looked into the eyes of the most perfect and beautiful baby ever born. Then came Molly and there were two most perfect and beautiful babies and with Evie that made three.

Sean loved being a father more than anything in the world, but these last few years he had been so busy being an actor that he hadn’t had the time he’d like with the girls. Maybe this summer might be a good chance to reconnect with his daughters, take them away on holiday somewhere they could all enjoy; maybe Monte Carlo or perhaps he’d take them to Tahiti. Just the four of them exploring the tropics together, the clear water, the beautiful scenery and his lovelies. He’d call their mums tomorrow and see if they’d let him have the girls for more than a week or two, although in the case of Lorna and Molly their mum wouldn’t have much say, his girls were more than old enough to decide for themselves.

Pouring himself a whiskey, he used the remote to turn on the telly, lazily settling in, the thought of his girls bringing him finally home.
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