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Sean had planned on dinner in his suite and a long hot shower, but the read through of the script had taken much less time that he’d thought. It was only 7 PM and after sleeping 12 hours the day before to acclimate himself to the time difference between London and New York, he had far too much energy for a quiet night and early bed. Remembering the flirtation he’d had online with Fin, he flagged a cab and told the driver to take him to the Retro Club.

As he walked inside he was impressed with the tight security at the door, glad to see that it was unlikely Fin would have to deal with another psycho taking shots at her. He was immediately recognized at the door and was escorted straight to the VIP room on the second floor, where a waiter took his order and returned quickly with a Guinness.

One thing he definitely enjoyed was the open set up for VIP’s. Most clubs closed off the celebrity guests from the rest of the club and really what was the point of going out if you couldn’t enjoy the club. Looking down on the scene below him, he was reminded of the clubs he’d gone to in London while at the Royal Academy, loud, raucous and full of people dancing and sweating. Of course back then he’d been more likely to hit one of the local punk clubs, but the only difference there was the quality of music, which he could freely admit was shite ninety percent of the time.

All in all of what he’d seen, Fin had a nice club, the band that was playing were a bit beyond his taste, but the crowd seemed to like them and for all that they were loud, they were quite good. He asked the waiter to inform Fin that he’d arrived and settled back to do a bit of people watching while he waited.
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