Jun. 14th, 2007

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Well I’m told the first thing I’m supposed to do is introduce myself, yeah? My name is Sean and I’m from Yorkshire; Sheffield to be exact. I’m the father of three daughters, a gardener and a Sheffield United fan. I live in London now although I travel quite a bit, but I do go home as often as I can to watch the games and hang in the pub with m’ mates.

My eldest, Lorna, said I should try m’ hand at this journal thing, so here I am. There’s not a lot more to say about me. Oh aye and I make m’living as an actor.

God, did that sound like an advert in the personals column?

ooc-Sean is open to RP.
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Well I have truly found hell on Earth. I’ve been knocking about working and came home to realize my little girls are becoming young women., beautiful young women who attract young men, of which I used to be one in the long ago of pre-history. I know exactly what the cheeky wee bastards have on their minds and the thought of my Lorna or Molly going about with some strapping lad whose brain is still trapped in his bollocks makes me want to geld any male I see breathing in their direction.

I read somewhere that daughters are God’s punishment for being a man and looking at my darlings makes me swear it’s the truth. I can remember when the only man in their lives was Da and now its ‘Da can I take the car and Da I need the charge card.’ I think I’m turning into m’ Da, I can remember him saying much the same about m’ sister Lorraine.

Well at least I have my little Evie, yeah. For now my little girl is still just a girl and Da is still her favorite man. Although lately she’s been on at me to tell her everything I know about Orlando Bloom, so I suppose my hell will be going on for a while.


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